Range : Acoustical insulation

ARMA DECOUP markets acoustic insulation and absorption.

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K-FONIK ST GK : thermal insulation panel coupled with a high density elastomeric sheet (4 kg/m²). k-fonik-st-gk icon pdf3 Technical Dataicon pdf3 Tarif 
 K-FONIK ST GK KITS : acoustical kit to insulate connections (Y or T), elbows and straight pipes.  k-fonik-coude icon pdf3 technical Dataicon pdf3 Tarif 
K-FONIK GK : high density elastomeric (4 or 8 kg /m²) acoustical insulating sheet k-fonik-gk icon pdf3Technical Dataicon pdf3 Tarif 
- K-FONIK GV : high density elastomeric (4 or 8 kg/m²) acoustical insulating sheet for shipbuilding applications. k-fonik-gv icon pdf3 Technical Dataicon pdf3 Tarif 
K-FONIK OPEN CELLS : open cell elastomeric acoustical sheet or block (160 or 240 kg /m3). k-fonik-opencells icon pdf3 Technical Dataicon pdf3 Tarif 
OTHER ACOUSTICAL INSULATION couv.acoustiqueAD icon pdf3Tarif